Wadhwa and Wadhwa is a full-service law firm founded by Mr. S. C. Wadhwa in 1967 in New Delhi, India. It is one of the India’s oldest law firm, fully independent and commercial Litigation Law Firm devoted to all kinds of Legal Services. Its clients, include individual, multinational, public and private companies and other corporate entities, across the country.

Wadhwa and Wadhwa is the preferred service provider among Indian law firms under able guidance of Mr. S.C. Wadhwa.

The firm has achieved great heights of success under the effort & contribution of Mr. Sachin Wadhwa, under the able guidance & continuous support of Mr. S. C. Wadhwa.

Mr. S. C. Wadhwa and Mr. Sachin Wadhwa have had a long journey to achieve the success they have today. Innumerable hours have been put by them to establish a well known law Firm. Their dedication is an example of the work ethic of an employee. Their understanding of profession is what makes them good lawyers. Their experiences paved the path for the growth of Wadhwa and Wadhwa.

With the help of a dedicated and experienced team of Advocates, the firm has taken steady and focused steps to ensure its growth and increase its client base across the country.

The firm believe in delivering impeccable service to its clients and represent some of the most well-known Institutions of the Country. Primarily, the Firm provides services in Legal Matters, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Taxation (Direct Tax & Indirect Tax), Consumer Law, Family Matters, Civil and Criminal litigation etc.

Wadhwa and Wadhwa is known for its high-quality services to the utmost satisfaction of its clients. Their understanding of the expectations of the clients motivates them to provide impeccable representation and advice to the clients . The firm functions ethically and professionally towards clients, courts and the public at large.

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